New Beginnings…..

I used to be not too bad at keeping a blog. Through 3rd and 4th year of my undergraduate I kept one as a form of online sketchbook. It really helped me pick out the key stages of my process in order for me to reflect after I graduated. I love my old sketchbooks, but my old blog is a really easy way to understand some of the other things that were happening at the time.

I’d really like to challenge myself to reflect more during this blog, rather than just as ¬†repository of research, although it will become that too. Written reflection has been a big part of our course work so far this year. Each report has been a really useful and challenging opportunity to take stock of what has happened, take the good forward and learn from any headaches.

It’s been really nice to see that we are all becoming more open, honest and willing to share our little triumphs or worries with each other within the studio. I think if I take more time to reflect alone, I will get much more out of the tea time blethers.

So… to kick off this new blog, I’d like to share where I have come from.

I was skimming through some old posts and I came across this old one from way back in March 2010, 3rd year Textile Design at DJCAD, when I was just starting out on my big service design adventure.

Sarah Drummond of Snook shared a coffee with myself, Craig Owens (currently studying Design Ethnography at DJCAD) and Valeria Ossio (now a fully fledged service designer) after a lecture she gave as part of our design studies module.

I wonder where we will all be in another 4 years time?

Also…now I see my old mop….I’m wondering if I want to chop all my hair off again?


My old blog can be found here …


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