Mindful Design Practice Masterclasses

This week we’ve been working with Kumanga Andrahennadi to gain a taste of how mindfulness could be of use in our lives. I have been practicing meditation since the Xmas holidays and so I was very open to the process and looked forward to learning from Kumanga and my peers, rather than just the apps I have been using.

I usually use meditation to calm a busy mind at the end of the day before I sleep, however this week introduced me to ways that we could all use mindfulness when walking, listening, eating, drinking, whatever we were doing.

Kumanga was working with us as part of her PHD project, with a special interest in the use of water during meditation. Having spent every day immersed in water themed guided meditations, I had a great urge to visit Tentsmuir beach today with my dog. Every Sunday the choice for our big walk is beach, mountain, forest or park. More often than not, I love a forest or a big hill, so a choice of the beach today was a bit of an unusual one for me.

I took the walk as an opportunity to practice what we had learned and took several opportunities along our 4 mile walk to pause and really enjoy the water. It was a crisp, beautiful day, and it felt like months since I had enjoyed blue skies and sunshine.   The dunes were flooded, creating little lochs and islands between the forest and the beach. Here, I liked to focus on the rhythm of the ripples, and I loved the moments when the sun moved to and fro between clouds, changing the intensity of the reflections on the surface. The water was a perfect depth for our border collie to pad around in, and so the way she moved also changed the water.

What a great walk. Through taking the time to really notice these things, almost in the same way as if I was out sketching, I feel I have created a  beautiful memory of one of my favourite places.